If you are going through a divorce, whether it is contested or uncontested, you should have a knowledgeable divorce attorney guiding you through the process no matter the relationship you have with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. At Ward Law Firm, we have the knowledge, skill, compassion, and tenacity to make sure that your rights are protected and Brandi's personality makes her easy to work with for those who are truly interested in resolving cases quickly and easily, or a tenacious and unwavering advocate when the other party insists on being difficult.  Whatever you're dealing with on the other side of your case, you want Brandi and Ward Law Firm on your side.


Times change and so can your circumstances.  Maybe when your divorce judgment was signed, you were in a much different situation than you are now. If you are not satisfied with your current child support, maintenance (alimony) payments, or your custody and visitation schedule and parenting plan because your circumstances have significantly changed, we can help. Whatever you're facing, you'll want to be sure Brandi is on your side.


Custody, visitation rights, and child support for a child when the parents were never married can be more complicated than in a divorce case. If you are in this situation, you should file a paternity action to take the guesswork out of the equation. You'll want Brandi on your side when drafting your custody, visitation, and child support agreement.


Thinking of making your family larger? Want to do a step-parent adoption?  Missouri has many rules and regulations on adoption. We can help simplify this process and make it the enjoyable experience it should be. Adoptions are one of Brandi's favorite areas of practice and she will be happy to help you complete yours.

Grandparents' Rights

In Missouri, grandparents do have rights to have contact with their grandchildren in certain circumstances. Brandi has handled numerous grandparents rights cases and understands the law in this area as well as the difficulty of the dynamics in obtaining custody or visitation with grandchildren.  If you've found yourself in this situation, Brandi or another Ward Law Firm attorney can help.