Kasondra Smith: Your Home Base at Ward Law Firm.



Kasondra Smith has been with Ward Law Firm since it opened in April of 2013 and was Brandi's assistant at their prior firm even before that. No, the two are not related despite their last name in common, but they have worked together for so long that they consider one another family.  Kasondra previously worked in a couple of management positions in which she excelled, but she joined Brandi in her venture to open Ward Law Firm in search of a more rewarding and challenging opportunity.  Through the years, Kasondra has become an asset to the company and is "home base" to many of our clients.  From managing the day to day office happenings to drafting pleadings, juggling the attorneys' calendars to corresponding with clients, clerks, and Judges, Kasondra is the true North of Ward Law Firm.  She is kind and endearing, but also professional, firm, and takes a no-nonsense approach to whatever task she is given.

Kasondra has been trained by Brandi to assist on any type of case the firm handles, from personal injury matters, to family law cases, to criminal defense work.  She works hard to build good relationships with our clients and to make sure they get the individual attention they desire and feel like part of our family by the time their cases are resolved.  Whether she's working on a simple matter or a complicated one, our clients are truly lucky to have this woman on their team.

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Kasondra lives in Branson, Missouri, with her husband, Matt, and their son, Johnny. She has a sincere love for helping people and for breathing stability, comfort, and joy back into their lives. She is a woman of faith and attends LifeSong UMC in Reeds Spring where she is deeply involved with the youth and other ministries. Kasondra simply loves to help people.  From adopting families not only at Christmas time but throughout the year to comforting clients of Ward Law Firm, from providing meals to those in need to helping those who are lost find their way, Kasondra is always looking for the next opportunity to show others God's grace and mercy and to set an example for her son.  We are never sure how she has free time, but she manages to make sure she spends whatever time she has with her family, often outdoors hiking, camping, or just exploring nature.  She is an involved mother, a devoted wife, a tireless friend and asset to Brandi and the Ward Law Firm team, and a true gift to all of those who are lucky enough to experience her presence in their life.